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SavantAA Zeeman enduro

SavantAA Zeeman enduro sets new standards in high performance Zeeman graphite furnace analysis.

The SavantAA - Zeeman enduro Atomic Absorption Spectrometer is a superior graphite furnace atomic absorption instrument that combines the longitudinal Zeeman effect with variable magnetic field strength, transverse heating of the graphite tube, and the most recent surface-mount technology. 

A furnace or hydride-specific analyzer without flame capabilities can be used with SavantAA's No Flame version, which excludes the gas box. While adhering to all QC regulations and features that will help to achieve US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, the robust SavantAA software enables unmatched instrument control and data manipulation. All SavantAAs include USB communications to meet the needs of modern computers.

The optional Electronic Sample Viewing, which enables real-time colour viewing of the sample compartment and is essential for graphite furnace analysis, is one of the instrument building blocks along with the optional Super Lamp Power Supply for 1 or 4 lamps, the optional Coded Lamp Recognition, the optional Automatic Burner Rotation, and the optional Coded Lamp Recognition.

An authentic double-beam spectrometer. Any analytic needs and financial constraints can be precisely met by configuring the SavantAA.

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