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ICPMS-OTOF Optimass 9500

Benchtop ICP Mass Spectrometer at its fastest ever

The state-of-the-art in the elemental analysis is redefined by OptiMass 9500 ICP Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer (ICP-oTOFMS). The significant drawbacks of quadrupole ICP-MS apparatus are addressed by our second-generation benchtop ICP-oTOFMS. For amu 1 to 260, detection limits comparable to those attained with a quadrupole sensor may be reached in a matter of seconds. When using traditional sample introduction techniques, this inherent speed of the system allows for a larger sample throughput.

The OptiMass 9500 offers an immediate multi-element analysis, collecting all available spectral data. This completes the package for comparison analysis, together with the 9500's potent statistical fingerprinting software. Since small-volume samples are frequently found at crime scenes, the time-of-flight technology utilized in the OptiMass 9500 guarantees that no information is lost during the analysis of these samples.

Transient signals produced by single-shot laser ablation, electro-thermal vaporization, or flow injection may be captured 30,000 times per second using this high-speed data gathering rate, and 50 integrated complete mass spectra can be presented per second. Due to the slow sequential nature of quadrupole or magnetic sector field mass spectrometers, this allows for a variety of applications that were strictly adhered to.

With the introduction of the OptiMass, GBC has solidified its position as a market leader in the creation and promotion of ICP orthogonal Time-of-Flight Simultaneous Mass Spectrometry.

Analyze quicker, more precisely, and more affordable than ever before, regardless of your application with GBC’s OptiMass 9500 ICP Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer!

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