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Industries & Solutions

Our industry solutions increase efficiency in industrial laboratories and already benefit many labs in the food, agricultural, oil refinery, chemical, and environmental industries. When will you benefit?


Food & Agriculture

We help you to meet the essential requirements for food and feed analysis by providing individual solutions and easy-to-use instrumentation – from farm to production to the final consumer product.

Environment Analysis

We help you to reliably and quickly manage high sample loads in accordance with important standards and regulations. We offer application-centric instrument solutions, optimized methods, and comprehensive services.

Oil & Gas

We help you become fully compliant with the strictest regulations and achieve the best product quality by providing tailor-made and easy-to-use lab instrumentation.

Pharma & Life Science

Whether nucleic acid extraction, protein analysis with ICP-MS or various PCR and qPCR/Real-time PCR solutions, early research, or the evaluation in clinical studies, our technologies and methods will increase efficiency of your entire workflow.

Analytical Chemistry

Our highly effective analysis instruments not only simplify your daily routine work, but also improve your products over the long term thanks to higher precision in your measurement data.