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GBC is a world leader in the development and manufacture of atomic absorption spectrometers, with over thirty years of experience in supplying the needs of not only the American market but also and the global elemental analysis market.

enduro T2100

enduro T2100 is GBC’s Flame and Graphite Furnace Tandem AAS with transverse heating and longitudinal Zeeman background correction as well as deuterium background correction

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GeminAA Plus

GeminAA Plus AAS is GBC’s Flame and Graphite Furnace Tandem System
with flame emission capability. Comes standard with air-acetylene and nitrous oxide-acetylene burners and furnace/flame universal autosampler.

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The XplorAA makes use of the latest in atomic absorption spectrometer technology. Developed after exhaustive research into the needs of the analytical community, XplorAA has all the power, performance and speed required in today’s modern laboratory.

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SavantAA Σ

The SavantAA ∑ is the sum of all – the top of the range research grade Atomic Absorption Spectrometer.

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SavantAA, GBC’s standard flagship model, is the 5th generation AAS from GBC that draws on a long tradition of excellence in design.

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SavantAA Zeeman enduro

The SavantAA – Zeeman enduro Atomic Absorption Spectrometer is a superior graphite furnace atomic absorption instrument that combines the longitudinal Zeeman effect with variable magnetic field strength, transverse heating of the graphite tube, and the most recent surface-mount technology.

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