Cintra 4040  Double beam UV - vis spectroscopy  With the highest level of resolution and sensitivity, the Cintra 4040 is a real double beam, double monochromator spectrometer. To attain the best resolution with the least amount of stray light, a Czerny Turner arrangement with twin Littrow monochromators is used with a variable slit width ranging from 0.1 to 2.0nm.

Any spectrometer's optical design is its beating heart, and GBC has a long history of producing high-quality optical systems. Unmatched optical performance is provided by the Cintra series. Maximum light throughput is ensured by high-efficiency all-reflective optics with a low optical component count and a monochromator that is optimized for maximum efficiency across the entire wavelength range.

At 5 Abs, photometric linearity has improved to more than 1.2%.  The Cintra 4040 is the highest-performing UV instrument in its price category, enabling the most demanding applications thanks to its wide dynamic range, superior resolution, stray light, noise, and drift parameters. 

With a wavelength range of 190 to 900 nm, the Cintra 4040 is the ideal instrument for specialized and research applications because it accepts the entire line of GBC accessories (non-motorized accessories, motorized accessories, Peltier accessories, and autosamplers).