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EMMA- Enhanced Multi-material Analyzer

The enhanced multi-materials analyser with maxi-capabilities.

A non-destructive method for identifying crystalline materials or materials with partial crystalline domains is X-ray Diffraction (XRD). By altering the X-Ray beam's angle of incidence, an XRD analyzer can produce interference patterns reflecting lattice structures. Thus, the accuracy, rotational speed, and x-ray beam size become crucial criteria for evaluating products. 

Crystal structures, crystalline phases, preferred crystal orientations (texture), and other structural characteristics including crystallite size, percent crystallinity, strain, stress, and crystal defects are all covered in great detail by XRD, which is unique in this regard. 

Emma (enhanced multi-materials analyzer) is a compact X-ray Diffractometer from GBC with enhanced capabilities. The MMA's initial design contained characteristics including adjustable radius, various detector support, interchangeable parallel beam, and focusing geometries, interchangeable optics, and several stages.

Almost all real-world materials must employ this characterization method since it can tell us a lot about how crystalline they are. To identify and quantify the material phases contained in a sample, diffraction patterns from well-known materials may be searched in enormous databases of patterns.

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