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GeminAA Plus

GeminAA Plus is GBC’s Flame and Graphite Furnace Tandem System.

The flame and Graphite Furnace Tandem System from GeminAA Plus AAS is with flame emission capabilities. Burners for nitrous oxide and acetylene gas as well as a furnace/flame universal autosampler are included as standard.

GeminAA Plus Automatic Atomic Absorption spectrophotometer is a useful analytical approach for quick trace metal analysis in spectroscopy. It is based on how ground-state atoms in a flame or electrothermal graphite furnace absorb light of a certain wavelength for an element.

Simple gravimetric procedures gave way to increasingly advanced, time-saving instrumental approaches as the chemical methods for the analysis of trace metals developed. 

GeminAA PLUS Automatic Atomic Absorption spectrophotometer is a well-liked method with a reasonable initial investment and ongoing costs.

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