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SavantAA Σ

The SavantAA ∑ is the sum of all – the top of the range research grade Atomic Absorption Spectrometer.

Our top-of-the-line AAS is the SavantAA Σ AAS - atomization in atomic absorption spectroscopy, which is pronounced SavantAA Sigma which is cutting-edge equipment with all-reflective optics that is completely automated, multi-element, and genuine double beam. 

Using SavantAA Windows® based software, it is entirely computer controlled, including the burner adjuster, burner rotation, Super Lamp Power Supply, Electronic Sample Viewing, Lamp Optimization, wavelength, slit tuning, and gas management.

A high-intensity deuterium arc lamp has a correction range of 175–425 nm. The measurement of background and total absorbance are separated by a modest amount of time in all background correction systems.

Pulse interpolation has significantly enhanced the Hyper-Pulse background corrector, which is a feature of the SavantAA, one of the quickest systems available. This enables "Transient Signals" like GF signals to be interpolated more precisely. 

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