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A true double-beam spectrometer. The SavantAA can be configured to exactly meet your analytical and budgetary requirements

The SavantAA is a GBC AAS of the fifth generation. It is influenced by a long history of outstanding design. Hundreds of samples may be processed daily by the fully automated SavantAA atomic absorption spectrometer. There are three different SavantAA models: the SavantAA, SavantAA, and the SavantAA Z enduro. 

A furnace or hydride-specific analyzer without flame capabilities can be used with SavantAA's No Flame version, which excludes the gas box. While adhering to all QC regulations and features that will help to achieve US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, the robust SavantAA software enables unmatched instrument control and data manipulation. To meet modern computer requirements, all SavantAAs have USB communications.

Several demands made by AAS users served as the basis for the construction of the SavantAA programme. Usability was a top priority, and Windows' graphical interface was a no-brainer.

The ease of setting up a technique or measuring a sample is not compromised by extensive or powerful features, and when assistance is required, it is promptly and appropriately made available. In a comprehensive, user-friendly package, the new SavantAA software responds to these needs. To start an analysis, for instance, the programme merely needs one mouse click.

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