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XplorAA is an affordable machine with 12 different configurations to fit your analytical need at the best price.

The atomic absorption spectrometer used by the XplorAA is the most recent technology available. XplorAA offers all the power, performance, and speed needed in today's sophisticated laboratory and was developed after extensive investigation into the requirements of the analytical community.

To achieve the best results, the user must choose the appropriate method and wavelengths for data processing in atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS), which is a multi-step procedure. AAS data analysis performance also depends on background correction. The fully functional XplorAA AAS - atomic absorption spectrometer can process hundreds of samples each day.

Flame emission is a capability of the XplorAA Dual Double Beam Atomic Absorption Spectrometer with asymmetric modulation and a 2:1 sample-to-reference ratio for noise reduction. Quartz overcoating on mirrors also provides all-reflective optics for a steady focus.

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