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Integra 6000

 Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer.Analyzing elements with a world of experience

The Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer ICP-OES - INTEGRA 6000 from GBC combines fresh ideas in user-friendly software with the tried-and-true opinions of seasoned ICP users from all over the world. It builds on a long legacy of excellence in design and engineering. A small ICP-OES instrument that is fully equipped for all ICP applications, easier to run, maintain, and service, and increases the bar for reasonably priced ICP analysis is the end result.

The feature-rich Integra ICP has gained acceptance across the world and has quickly established a name for delivering strength, adaptability, and performance throughout all of the key application areas, such as environmental monitoring, agriculture, biology, metallurgy, geology, petrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

Integra 6000 pioneers new territory by raising the bar for dependability, efficiency, and productivity in your lab. The Integra 6000 relies on GBC's legacy of producing high-quality, cost-effective spectroscopic products. Our Research & Development team used their four decades of experience to build an instrument that delivers more features, more power and flexibility, and better performance than more expensive competing systems in order to achieve this no-compromise goal.

The Integra 6000 simplifies wavelength selection with its extensive wavelength database, exhibiting relative sensitivities and including positive detection of all conceivable spectrum interferences. The best potential interference-free wavelengths when the complexity of the spectrum produced by your sample matrix requires it, or wavelengths for trace determinations, less sensitive wavelengths for large concentrations.

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