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Sequential-Bench-Top-ICP-OES metal analysis.

A lengthy history of outstanding engineering and design can be seen in The Quantima Sequential-Bench-Top-ICP-OES metal analysis. For an average aqueous sample, fewer than 11 L/min are used by Quantima. The available ICP-OES with the lowest Argon consumption is this one. The monochromator speed of the Quantima has increased by 11%, making it both quicker and less argon-hungry.

It is the result of input received from ICP-OES distributors and end customers on a global scale. The Quantima is the outcome of highly interactive team development. Only its dependability and compactness are superior to its toughness.

With a tonne of fantastic features to offer you the technical edge, the 4th Generation Quantima marks a quantum leap in ICP-OES technology. It is easy to use, keep up, and service. The requirements for an economical ICP are raised by this device. Whatever your application, the Quantima will analyse more quickly, precisely, and affordably than ever before!

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