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ICPMS-OTOF Optimass 9600

The OptiMass 9600 ICP Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer (ICP-TOFMS)

With the help of its new auto-optimization feature, the software can now automatically adjust the instrument parameters for maximum sensitivity. A potent semi-quantitative analysis mode is part of the OptiMass 9600 programme. In this mode, the detector response to an unknown analyte concentration is determined using factory-specified relative sensitivity factors (RSF). 

A semi-quantitative analysis is made possible by the simultaneous nature of the OptiMass 9600, as well as both prospective and actual semi-quantitative analysis. 

The OptiMass 9600 offers a quick multi-element analysis that collects all available spectral data. This completes the package for comparison analysis, together with the 9600's potent statistical fingerprinting programme. Since small-volume samples are frequently found at crime scenes, the time-of-flight technology utilized in the OptiMass 9600 guarantees that no information is lost during the analysis of these samples.

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