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OptiMass Accessories

ETV accessory is designed and made by GBC specifically for the OptiMass.

The ETV is designed and made by GBC specifically for the OptiMass. It comprises of the ETV workhead plus PAL auto sampler and power supply with gas flow control. This accessory is controlled by the OptiMass software.

1-100 µL (in 1 µL increments) of sample can be injected into the ETV then dried, ashed and
atomized. The atomized plume travels into the plasma where the OptiMass measures all masses simultaneously.

During the dry and ash stages the sample solvent and matrix are removed and therefore cannot interfere with the atomized plume where all elements are measured.

This accessory is ideal for slurries and viscous samples to be analyzed. As low as 1 µL can be injected, any low volume samples such as blood or precious samples can be analysed and all masses analysed simultaneously.

Solid samples could also be analyzed by manual introduction allowing greater flexibility for sample introduction.

Temperature range is ambient to 3000˚C with a computer controlled maximum heating rate of 2000˚C/sec. The temperature program can have unlimited steps, each with ramp and hold, gas selection and read option. Temperature controller monitors current and voltage and uses power feedback to provide accurate control over the full temperature range and during both ramp and hold stages. Interlocked to inert gas and cooling water pressures. Corrects for changes in cooling water temperature.

The auto sampler accommodates 40 samples and 10 premixed standards or one stock solution for automatic mixing of up to 10 standards. Container volumes are: 2 mL for samples and standards, 5 mL for automix standard, 10 mL for blank and chemical modifier. Dispensed volume is 1–100 µL, programmable in 1 µL increments. All-PTFE capillary. 1 L rinse container. Probe set-up controlled by computer with co-ordinates stored in memory. Program options include automatic mixing of standards, automatic mixing of standard additions, automatic injection of chemical modifier, multiple injection, heated injection, automatic rescale or complete recalibration. Supplied complete with 500 plastic sample vials and glass beakers for standard and blank.

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